Build 0.1.12448, August 30  


Paul Tozour
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31/08/2016 2:27 am  

  -New features:

-Overhauled the rewards dialog offered by Commissioner Veronika to place the 3 buttons along the bottom, equally spaced, with a separate area for each resource offered

-This reward dialog no longer automatically pops up; it waits to be opened in the lower-right like a mission objective, and has a dancing green "present" icon instead of a dancing green envelope

    -Significant UI improvements to the SHIPE colony communicator: new backgrounds, new animated widgets for the current speaker, improved intro animation

-Added a gooey explosion sequence when a Creep spore attaches to a building

-Air-related structures (Intakes and Filters) now improve air quality more significantly after they're placed, making their effect on air quality more noticeable sooner

-Added confirmation dialog when quitting back to the main menu


  -Bug fixes:

-Fixed ambient colonists' greetings, complaints, etc being MUCH too loud due to incorrect sound attenuation settings

    -Fixed issues with loading a game that was saved with buildings that were waiting for decommision/repair/upgrade

-Tunnels now spawn creep effects when they're infected, and they handle changing shape properly while infected

-Fixed the wrong type of trees appearing on Habitats and Skyscrapers in Sandy Gulch

-Fixed a rare issue that would stop placement from working

-Renamed the 'PrototypeOC' folder and executable to AvenColony

-Fixes to a bunch of rare bugs

-Various fixes to 2D and 3D arrows appearing at the wrong times in Holo-Sim 2

-Mills and Chemical Plants no longer have a "Forced Overtime" check box

-Edge-of-screen panning and WASD panning should now both scroll at the same rate regardless of frame rate

-In the crop picker UI, the the second line now ALWAYS says the growth rate of the crop

-Reduced the camera bounds on Holo-Sim 2

-You can no longer save the game during the two Holo-Sims

-Fixed bug where if you loaded a save game, all mission portraits were replaced with Vory

-Fixed bug where some mission objectives would not work properly when loading from a saved game

-Fixed bug with Energy Battery radio buttons during construction being greyed out

-Many other bug fixes and UI improvements


  -Art improvements:

    -Updates to Storage Depot (all 3 tiers)

-Reduced reflection on the terrain on wetlands maps

-Improved cultivated soil material

-Fixed several texture issues in Vanaar

-Lots of improved creep infections on buildings

-Fixed crown plant shadows 

-Improved delete saved file dialog

-Added confirm exit dialog

-Improved rewards dialog layout

-New desert version of the zorium deposit

-New Shard Storm impact particle effect


  -Audio improvements:

-New SHIPE call intro jingle



-Sandy Gulch moved around available resources to improve gameplay

-Vanaar: fixed blocked tiles between two lakes by cargo pod; opened up other large areas of Vanaar previously blocked; edited cropland tiles accordingly

-Increased the chance of a lightning strike causing damage to a small colony and decreased the chance of causing damage to a large one

-Shard storm shards now do roughly 50% as much damage overall, AND scale this properly with the difficulty setting or sandbox setting

-"Building lost power" notifications now cause warnings from Veronika 1/3 as quickly

-Low air quality now triggers warnings from Veronika 1/3 as quickly

-Increased the minimum time between air quality warnings by 10 sec

-Expired notifications now disappear after < 1 sec instead of sticking around in greyed-out mode and confusing people who mouse over them

-New effect for Mind Mold: it now reduces crime by 60% on the part of any colonist who ingests it (has the opposite effect when withdrawn)

-Removed Geneserium research path


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