Build 0.1.12604, September 2  


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02/09/2016 10:04 pm  

Please note that there is a known bug with this build, where the final mission objective in Sandy Gulch simply says "Well done" / "One more sol."  Keep your Research Center operational for one additional sol and you should win this mission with no problems; we will fix the text in the next build.


  -New features:

-Added "Crime" as an additional statistic tracked in the statistic graphs

-Added new SHIPE calls at the end of Azara Falls, Hyla's Crescent, and Tenari Glacier

-Clicking a "Creep Spawned" notification and selecting "Go To" now takes you to the actual location of the creeper instead of its point of origin

-When you drag a police drone station for placement, the game now automatically goes into the Crime overlay


  -Bug fixes:

-Added proper save/load support for citizens, ambient citizens, protesters, power platforms, SHIPE calls, and Creep

-Citizens restore their clothing, clothing colors, etc after loading a save game

-Protesters wear exosuits after loading a save game

-Fixed issues with not restoring whether food is allowed to be eaten or not after loading a save game

-Fixed bug with Scrubber Drones not being properly enabled if loaded from a saved-game at the wrong time

-Construction Drone construction effects and Scrubber Drone sprays no longer cast shadows

-Fixed issue with creepers disappearing from infected Skyscrapers at some camera angles

-Fixed various build fx issues with Habitats and Skyscrapers

-Fixed a rare power thrashing issue when you had both a Geothermal Generator and a Zorium Plant close enough that workers could switch between the two

-SHIPE calls can now interrupt ongoing SHIPE calls

-Only certain designated SHIPE calls prevent new mission objectives from appearing while active

-Corrected the sequence of mission objectives in Hylas Crescent, so that you won't get the Export Entari Oatmeal mission, BEFORE getting the Research Entari products mission

-Fixed a rare crash

-Lots of little fixes to the SHIPE interface

-Fixed a bug where it was possible to screw up some buildings being constructed by pressing 'U' during construction

-The Crime legend now goes from red to white

-Improved SHIPE call pausing / unpausing

-Fixed issues with SHIPE calls not getting properly triggered from games loaded from saved-game files

-Fixed a rare bug where construction drones could fly off wildly after loading a saved game file

-Many other bug fixes and UI improvements


  -Art improvements:

    -Improved Azara Falls landscape textures

    -New particles for the Azara Falls artifacts

    -Improved arctic geothermal vent textures



-"Low air quality" notifications now get invalidated much sooner

-Lots of additional notification types no longer increase the global urgency level and trigger a warning from Veronika

-Reduced negative air quality impact of Zorium plants

-Reduced the chance that lightning will destroy tunnels when the colony is small and vulnerable

-Sandy Gulch: reduced immigrants granted via quest rewards

-Sandy Gulch: added a new objective at the end

-Moved the "Delete" button in the Save/Load UI so that it's much less likely to be clicked accidentally


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