Build 0.1.12852, September 7  


Paul Tozour
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07/09/2016 7:43 am  

New features:

-Added Hylas Crescent sandbox map

-Added the auto-save feature

-Added 4 SHIPE calls to Sandy Gulch

-Substituted the proper ending for the campaign-Azara Falls mission, which now involves scanning 3 alien ruins rather than collecting an alien artifact


Bug fixes:

-Fixed a bug with Commute morale not properly penalizing very long (> 9 tiles) commute distances

-The Commute overlay now properly indicates the morale penalty from long commute distances in addition to the existing penalty for not providing adequate tunnel access

-The efficiency of scrubber drones now properly depends on the efficiency of their Scrubber Drone Station

-Fixed the bug where you could not click on ambient colonists walking around in the gardens on top of Skyscrapers and Habitats

-Improved the colonist logic for picking voices so that you're much less likely to hear the same voice twice in a row

-Fixed terrain height issues in campaign and sandbox Azara Falls which were visible in Aavak's playthrough #8

-Lots of art improvements to make things like the cross on the hospital less likely to suffer visual artifacts

-Fixed the scrubber drones and police drones having the opposite actual colors in the overlay from what it should have, and from what was stated on the legend

-Fixed the colors on the Electricity Overlay legend to match those in the overlay

-Fixed some occasional issues with the Martial Law social policy not working as intended

-Fixed a black sphere appearing in Hyla's Crescent

-Improved Creep spore homing to make sure it never gets stuck

-Fixed incorrect colors on the Electricity overlay bars

-Added the sandworm to sandbox Sandy Gulch

-Stability fixes to address a handful extremely rare crash bugs

-Lots of minor quest text improvements

-Tons of other tiny tweaks and fixes



-Farms and Greenhouses now generate food more slowly

-Farms now have the proper number of farmed tiles: 4 at tier 1, 5 at tier 2, and 7 at tier 3

-Adjusted Broccoli to grow better in Arctic conditions, on Azara falls as it supposed to be

-Campaign Azara Falls is now slightly more challenging


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Man I thought I was the only crazy person up this late 🙂

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