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14/09/2016 3:32 am  

For those of you on the public ( or private (Steam) beta, we've posted a new version of Aven Colony that you'll want to grab immediately: 0.1.13018.

  • public beta participants: download the latest version via the web and unzip on top of your current install -- or, if using the launcher, make sure you're using the latest version of the launcher (18.7.0 or later) and reinstall the game.  Again, the public beta is here.
  • If you're having problems loading the game or are otherwise unable to get to the main menu, please try the following:

If you used the client to extract the game, hit Win+R (to open the "Run" box) and then paste the following into that box:

%appdata%\itch\apps\Aven Colony Beta\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\

If you downloaded it as a ZIP, navigate into the directory you extracted it, and then go into Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us .

In that folder you should see an executable named UE4PrereqSetup_x64. If you run that, that will install everything that the game needs - and you should then be able to run the game without issues!

  • If that doesn't work, user satoru has also posted a very helpful master fixes thread in our forums.
  • Steam closed beta participants (limited to media, streamers, YouTubers, and early beta participants from the closed beta prior to September): just exit Steam and restart to get the latest.

While the vast majority of our users are reporting no problems, we want to reassure you that we're fully focused on resolving any significant issues as quickly as possible.  While we'd prefer to update the game every 2 weeks, we do feel it's important to update more frequently until we can return our focus to new features rather than bug fixing.

For those of you affected by any issues, thank you for your patience as we work to resolve any issues affecting you.

Here's the changelist for 0.1.13018:

Bug fixes:

  • Significant improvements to stability; we've now fixed a handful of issues that, while relatively rare, were nevertheless causing crashes for some players with very large colonies
  • When residential structures are manually imploded, they now properly attempt relocate their inhabitants to new residences as available instead of just letting them all die
  • Fixed issues with too many or too few colonists being relocated to new residences when residential structures were imploded or recycled
  • By popular demand, dragging Farms and Greenhouses now once again shows the productivity numbers, even if the placement location is blocked or not connected to the colony
  • Workers will no longer attempt to accept jobs that are too far away; their max commute is now 24 tiles. This fixes issues with obscenely long commutes, which were especially noticeable in the Hyla's Crescent mission.
  • Fixed referendum elections never getting triggered in Azara Falls
  • Fixed colors for iron and copper resource icons not properly matching the actual mineral deposits
  • Fixed missing "Beer" billboard sprite that ended up rendering as the green "infection" symbol, causing beer drinkers to look infected
  • Turned off some collision and physics that didn't need to be turned on for border decoration pieces; this should also improve performance somewhat
  • Fixed a case where drones could go to the site of a building being imploded if the "Drone Auto Repair" social policy was enabled
  • Colonists no longer speak when you click on them after the game is completed
  • Vanaar: fixed some levitating trees
  • Tons of other tiny tweaks and fixes

New features:

  • Mineral deposits now also draw icons for the quantity of minerals remaining
  • Resource icons in the selection pane for cargo pods and mineral deposits now include tooltips
  • The "Game Info" panel in the colony control panel now states the current sol / month / hour, referendums won, and time to next referendum
  • The Crime overlay now uses text descriptors instead of numbers on mouse rollover ("Crime Level: Very Low" etc); while this gives less specific info, the actual info provided is more useful

Tuning / balancing:

  • Major tweaks to most of the sandbox maps: added more deposits to most of the sandbox maps and moved lots of cargo pods
  • New starting location for sandbox-Tenari Glacier with added steam vents & deposits.  Note that we have kept the old version of sandbox-Tenari around for backward compatibility.
  • Added more steam vents and iron deposits to campaign-Tenari Glacier.  Note that we have kept the old version of campaign-Tenari around for backward compatibility.
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