Build 0.1.13182, September 21  


Paul Tozour
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21/09/2016 11:42 pm  

Hi everybody!  We've just posted a new update for Aven Colony: 0.1.13182.  Installation instructions are available here.

This week's update contains a handful of critical bug fixes and a ton of smaller fixes and improvements.  Here's the changelist:

New Features:

  • Rearranged the graphics options and added Borderless Fullscreen and VSync
  • By popular demand, the initial modules can all be recycled now, & doing so will recover 2 nanites. However, please note that you cannot recycle these until your colony is big enough to survive without them.
  • Added a "Show Range" button to the Construction Drone Hub and Scrubber Drone Hub to show/hide the drone range when selected
  • The construction drone radius or scrubber drone radius now expands quickly when shown; this makes it much more visible when zoomed in
  • When players win/lose, they now can use the Colony Control Panel or the main menu, but cannot interact with the game in any other way
  • When switching to windowed mode, we now center the window around the center position of the active monitor

Bug fixes:

  • Implemented audio "ducking" during SHIPE calls so you can hear them over the music and sound effects
  • Fixed bug where environmental foliage wasn't being removed on farmed tiles when loading a saved game
  • Fixed some issues where tunnels could occasionally have the wrong shape
  • Clicking the empty space above the Greenhouse no longer causes the Greenhouse to be selected
  • Removed some deprecated game resources (such as Steel and Jewelry) from cargo pods
  • Fixed some issues with SHIPE state that could prevent calls from playing properly in rare cases
  • Fixed the colony control panel button being green only when the inventory was selected but not when the other tabs in the colony control panel were open
  • Fixed an issue where artifacts would stay in the research list after they were researched
  • Fixed a bug where if you saved the game while an artifact was docked in the research center but had not yet completed the associated quests, the artifact would not appear in the Research Center's artifact doc ("H") and you would be unable to complete the associated artifact-completion quests
  • Fixed a bug where police drones could sometimes get stuck if you had a square of 4 1x1 buildings and a ring of 12 tunnel tiles surrounding that on all sides
  • By popular demand, the Water Pump now shows the productivity numbers even if dragging far from the colony
  • The Commute overlay no longer shows penalties for buildings with no workers or residents
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to select the starting modules if you were too close to them
  • Sandbox Hyla's Crescent now has a much more reasonable amount of metals in the various iron deposits
  • Fixed a few very rare and obscure bugs that could cause stability issues if you played for a long time
  • Tons of other tiny tweaks and fixes

Art Improvements:

  • Updated Immigration Vessel textures & materials
  • Fixed some issues where the indented area along the side of the Research Center could have dirt poking through the bottom


  • Faster loading of saved game files
  • Lots of little performance improvements in various areas

Thank you for being part of the Aven Colony community!

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22/09/2016 10:22 am  

Nice update 🙂

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22/09/2016 11:22 am  


nice but with problems... plz read my post under "bug report".....



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Paul Tozour
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22/09/2016 8:56 pm  

Thanks for the bug report -- should be fixed as soon as 0.1.13203 goes live!


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