Build 0.1.13295, September 28  


Paul Tozour
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28/09/2016 6:32 pm  

New Features:

  • Added a blue highlight around the edges of the viewport to make clear when the game is paused
  • When you hold down the Ctrl key to highlight buildings of the same time, the "legend" panel at left now says what you're highlighting
  • Holding down Ctrl while in an overlay mode will now highlight all buildings relevant to that overlay (unless a building is selected)
  • Added sub-panels to the "aggregate morale" dialog in the Colony Control Panel, including a new "Food Consumption" sub-panel with detailed info
  • Construction Drones and Scrubber Drones now show their destinations as curved arrows when in the Drones overlay

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed various issues related to Hyla's Crescent that could cause stability issues or make it impossible to finish the mission
  • Fixed bug where hitting "Resume" on the main menu and then the Tab key would go into surveillance camera mode
  • The "Show Range" button no longer appears on drone stations that haven't yet been fully constructed
  • You no longer get spammed with "Out of Potash" notifications when multiple food-producing buildings run out simultaneously
  • Fixed issue with artifacts being ignored when placing buildings (you could have placed buildings on top of artifacts!)
  • Fixed the "Commute" overlay button not highlighting properly
  • Tons of other little tweaks and fixes

Art Improvements:

  • Added a dragonfly to Vanaar
  • Rebuilt icons for all of the buildings in the build palette
  • Added a small green arrow for the "Select" button on notifications
  • Tweaked a lot of the icons on the Colony Control Panel, especially the "social policies" icon

Tuning & balancing:

  • Simplified the mission objectives in Hyla's Crescent
  • Campaign versions of Vanaar and Sandy Gulch now give more nanites at the start but fewer nanites from Veronika's rewards

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28/09/2016 11:31 pm  

Very nice !!!!!

Useful improvements, looking good !!!

Savegame(s) runs fine after this update,

its a pleasure to watch this game grow and its a pleasure to dive in in the gameplay.

Thx again!



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