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04/10/2016 4:40 pm  

We're currently uploading a new build for Aven Colony: 0.1.13413.  It should go live by 2 PM EST = 11 AM PST (US time).  Installation instructions are available here.

This week's update has some big performance improvements that should improve performance considerably for large colonies -- an optimization we had in place to limit the number of colonists walking around in tunnels wasn't working properly, and we've now fixed that.  As a result of this and other fixes, we've seen frame rate improvements of up to 20 fps in some cases for large colonies.

New Features:

  • By popular demand, you can now save your favorite camera positions: use Ctrl-6 through Ctrl-0 to save the current camera position and 6 through 0 to recall
  • Immigrants who can't find enough housing now wait in the Immigration Center to get returned to the colony ship at the first opportunity (i.e. when the immigration vessel takes off again), so you have that much time to create enough housing for them
  • New "Show Notifications" and "Hide Notifications" buttons in the lower right to help you handle notifications more easily
  • When mines start to deplete, their mining rate says "Mining Rate: 0 (depleted)"
  • The drill also slows down to a stop below 10 minerals remaining

Performance improvements:

  • Fixed a major bug that could allow far too many colonists to walk around in the tunnels on large cities; these are intended to be capped based on frame rate (this capping does NOT impact gameplay)
  • Improved load times when going from the main menu into the game
  • Improved farm rendering performance - particularly when you have a farm selected and other farms are being constructed
  • Improved animation performance of all buildings
  • Big optimization to colonists' use of physics to detect doors

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug with banana trees appearing in Greenhouses after loading a saved game
  • Fixed issues with police drones sometimes getting stuck
  • Fixed the recycle pane to say when a building is being imploded if you implode while the game is paused
  • Fixed immigration vessels and trade vessels to properly aim toward the correct entry/exit points at all times when entering/leaving orbit
  • Buildings with 0 health can no longer be re-imploded
  • Fixed bug where you could continue playing a completed game after loading it
  • Fixed bug with tutorial plate positioning in Holo-Sim 2 overlapping the Farming Structures submenu if you had it open
  • Fixes to funky shadows on the Mill structure
  • Lots of other small bug fixes


  • Adjusted power and nanite costs and population capacity for all buildable residential structures (Apartments, Habitats, and Skyscrapers)
  • Tenari Glacier: Changed the "reach X water income" quest to "construct 2 water structures"
  • Lots of little improvements to the the SHIPE calls in Vanaar and Sandy Gulch; these are a bit tighter / shorter now; also cut the long SHIPE call in Vanaar into 2 separate calls

Thank you for being part of the Aven Colony community!

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