Build 0.1.14081, November 10  


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11/11/2016 1:06 am  

Aven Colony build 0.1.14081 is now posted!  This update adds the huge new ultra-large service building -- the Dwyer Salisgreen Stadium -- along with a lot of bug fixes.

Installation instructions are available here.

Our next update is likely to be in late November or early December.  We're almost finished with the new Arido Mesa mission and that will definitely make it into the next update.

Here are the full update notes:

New Features:

  • Added the new Stadium to the game.  This is a late-stage, "wonder"-scale structure similar to the Earth History Center
  • The tooltip for Health morale now gives info in the warning text re: infections (for individual colonists, inhabitants, workers, or the whole colony)
  • The "Happiness" overlay has been renamed to the "Colonists" overlay and it now also shows the plague icon for infected citizens & buildings when they are infected
  • Added a mission objective to Vanaar to construct a Lightning Tower

Bug fixes:

  • Hyla's Crescent (campaign): fixed the "Xeno Spice Bread" mission not being completable
  • Fixed a bug where only one submenu category on the build palette could animate at a time; now, if you have several mission objectives that suggest that you build things, all the respective categories will animate simultaneously
  • Fixed a bug with pausing/unpausing during SHIPE calls restarting the call at the wrong time, which sometimes resulted in skipped dialogue
  • Fixed bug with text like "@Requires 1 Research Center" appearing in the selection pane when a building is being dragged
  • Fixed a rare bug with workers thrashing between two buildings under just the right circumstances
  • Fixed a bug with the game activating VR headsets on startup
  • Increased the Plasma Turret projectile velocity to make it less likely to miss
  • Improved drone construction heights on the Lightning Tower
  • Various fixes for tunnels getting set to the wrong shape
  • Lots of additional tweaks and bug fixes

Art Improvements:

  • The radar dish on top of the Apartment now animates


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