Build 0.1.15759, February 9  


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09/02/2017 6:00 pm  
Hi everyone!  Just a quick note that we've updated Aven Colony to version 0.1.15759 with a bunch of little bug fixes.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed lots of little issues with Battery Power mode switching off when it shouldn't, failing to keep power zones in balance, and allowing buildings to be turned off
  • Energy Batteries no longer automatically switch off until their excess power isn't needed for 45 seconds (or if they run out of power, and then they switch off immediately)
  • Updated the Electricity tooltip to indicate when in Battery Power mode
  • Fixed a bug where mineral deposits wouldn't state how much iron/copper/etc was in the deposit -- particularly important in Hyla's Crescent, which has low mineral levels
  • Fixed tooltip text "Requires N workers" text appearing in red when this should always be white
  • Fixed occasional issue with flickering tooltip text on build palette tooltips if a line of text happened to wrap, making it impossible to read
  • Potential fix for some cases where game claimed it required the Gear VR plugin to be installed (for the record, we do not currently support VR at any level)
  • Intake fans are slightly more effective and the tier 2 upgrade is slightly cheaper
  • Made notifications related to Energy Batteries somewhat clearer
  • The tooltip for battery power now states why it can't be enabled
  • Fixed some cases where the High Crime notification could get spammed
  • Added a Stats button and some relevant stats to the "Storage Full" notification
  • Fixed some sounds not having the proper audio settings (such as Uros saying "trade with former colony" being too loud)
  • Improvements to protesters
  • Tons of other small bug fixes


Thank you for being part of the Aven Colony community!

Paul Tozour & the Mothership Entertainment team

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