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14/04/2017 1:43 am  

Hi everyone!  The Aven Colony beta has been updated.  This update has tons of bug fixes and polish items, including new tunnel art, lots of new sound effects and VOs, the ability for Plasma Turrets to target sandworms, a new "Fan Mode" for Wind Turbines that lets you throw them into reverse to push away toxic gas clouds, and much more!

As always, if you notice any bugs that still aren't fixed in this build, or if there are any tuning or balancing changes you'd like to see, please let us know by posting in our forums!

Happy colonizing!

Here are the full update notes:

New Features:

  • Added localization for all locales!  Still some bugs / issues here but French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, and Chinese are now supported.
  • Plasma turrets now fully target sandworms!  When hit, they stop spewing avid for a while and go back down into their holes faster
  • Added numbers to the upper-right corner of the colonist list and building list to indicate the total number in each
  • Trade objectives now include the "Trade" button above the "Close" button that opens the Trade pane
  • Plasma Turrets can now target sandworms; this will not kill the sandworm but will make it retreat into its hole more quickly and stop spewing acid for a short time after it's hit
  • The Wind Turbine can now be set into "Fan Mode" to push away toxic gases from a small area; this costs 12 electricity (for a total energy deficit of 18, since it generates 6 electricity normally)
  • Colonists can now apologize for bumping into each other
  • Colonists can now complain about lousy food that tastes like cardboard
  • Colonists can now verbally react when the colony is infected with the Creep
  • Colonists can now mention that they're terrified when they sense the colony is going to hell
  • Colonists can now complain about their friends who have died within the last sol
  • Added sounds for the dragonfly, the scout rover, and the birds
  • Added sounds for the servos on the Solar Panel when it moves
  • Added a tooltip for the Commendations indicator in the expedition UI when it's visible
  • The game now says "Surveillance Camera" with a camera icon in the upper left when in surveillance camera mode, and you can click on the camera icon to exit this mode
  • Added a progress bar to the Artifact Containment Unit when it's holding a researched artifact
  • Selected trade contracts now show a highlight and show a colored icon for the trade hub they're associated with; clicking this will select the corresponding trade hub
  • The expeditions button now animates when you have an expedition-related objective and haven't yet opened the expedition UI

Art Changes & Optimizations:

  • Further improvements to Tunnels and doors
  • Lots of updates to key border textures and geometry
  • Update to Skyscraper geometry: fixed geometry intersecting with tunnels
  • Improved foliage in Hyla's Crescent and Eden Crater
  • Improved geothermal steam, geothermal bubbles, and steam vent materials
  • Added a simple video with the Mothership and Team17 logos at startup
  • Revised main menu video
  • Added a huge new artifact activation effect to better telegraph when an artifact is actually activated
  • Trade vessels now show up in different colors, similar to the expedition ships
  • Added dust particles to cover up the sandworm emergence and disappearance
  • Greatly improved particle effect for when an artifact is contained within an Artifact Containment Unit
  • The energy shield on a shielding artifact now animates when it activates / deactivates
  • The Artifact Containment Unit now animates properly when it activates / deactivates

Tuning / balancing / minor changes:

  • The "Victory" stinger music is now played when the victory notification appears as well as when the player selects "Accept Victory" on that notification
  • The "Plague Infection" notification now has a button to open the Colonists overlay as well as a Stats button that selects the "Colonists infected" data type
  • The Stats dialog now scrolls visible stats into view when auto-opened by pressing the Stats button on a notification
  • Removed the "Megastructures" objective at the end of Hyla's Crescent
  • Hyla's Crescent: added a few objectives for building lightning towers, a dispensary, and a VR Center
  • Hyla's Crescent: added a few more iron deposits out near the artifact
  • Added "Bar & Grill" objective to Vanaar
  • Added "3 Towers" objective to Sandy Gulch
  • Added "3 Towers, Bar & Grill" to Azara Falls
  • Added "Dispensary, VR" to Tenari Glacier
  • Eden Crater & Beryl Vale now have harsher weather
  • Kelko Sludge manufacturing is now 3x slower
  • Increased the amount of resources destroyed by SHIFT-clicking at higher resource levels
  • Toxic gases now properly slide around hills / mountains (but not buildings)
  • Made morale a bigger issue sooner at Insane difficulty and other difficulty levels above Normal
  • Eden Crater is now easier
  • Reduced the food quality penalty for alien foods
  • Hospitals now significantly compensate for low food quality
  • Veronika now says "Hello, <rank>" in the campaign selection screen instead of her long-winded speech if your rank is above Governor
  • Added 3 new data types in the Stats pane on the colony control panel: creep-infected buildings, infected colonists, and POIs explored
  • Improved sorting of game data types on the Stats pane
  • The expedition button in the lower left is now always visible, but has new text for when you haven't build an Exp Ctr yet or aren't yet allowed to do so
  • Plague Vaccines, Consumer Goods, and Nanomedicines are now manufactured in batches of 20 instead of 10, like everything else
  • The Artifact Containment Unit now only uses 2 electricity and is far less likely to be deactivated when the colony is starved of power
  • Wind Turbines now spin much faster when a dust devil sweeps over them
  • Implemented new rules for when referendum notifications can automatically pop up: they ALWAYS pop up for election updates if morale < 50%.  Otherwise, they always pop up by default in Beginner / Cakewalk; NEVER pop up by default in Hard / Insane; and at all other difficulty settings, they pop up only for the first referendum in the mission

Performance optimizations:

  • Reduced physics usage for some meshes that don't need physics
  • Dramatic improvements to performance when dragging a building for placement
  • Fixed a performance issue with the Medevac's light in Sandy Gulch

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed achievement not being granted in the "Valley of Death" map
  • Fixed bug with referendums in Sandbox being 1 sol out of sync with the selected option
  • Fixed to once again highlight mineral deposits when dragging Mine or Laser Mine
  • Crewmembers in expedition vessels can no longer catch the plague via spread inside the colony -- they lock themselves in the ship!
  • Fixed invalid overly-generous being given for tier-2 and tier-3 buildings when recycled; it was accounting for the upgrade level twice
  • ALL notifications now expire after slightly over 2 minutes of game time at normal speed
  • Fixed a subtle bug that would cause buildings with workers to occasionally not acquire any workers until some other building was placed anywhere in the colony
  • Hyla's Crescent: fixed an issue with certain creep spores colliding with the crystals in the lake and disappearing as they headed toward the colony
  • Hyla's Crescent: fixed the Artifact Containment Unit objective not properly updating progress and not highlighting the Technology submenu
  • Fix potential crash when loading a save game
  • Fixes to some rare cases where the Scout Rover could be visible when it shouldn't
  • Eden Crater: properly implemented the new endgame artifact-collection sequence
  • Fixed some cases where colonists could briefly walk outside of a tunnel if their destination was destroyed en route
  • Fixed a bug where recycling a building with the "delete" key (or whatever key you've mapped it to) before it was fully constructed didn't refund 100% of the Nanite cost as it should have
  • Fixed some issues with objects remaining highlighted even when no longer selected
  • Toxic gases now save properly
  • Toxic gases now slow down and eventually stop when you place a Geothermal Generator on the steam vent during an eruption
  • Toxic gases now sort properly against Skyscraper glass (previously, the glass sometimes sorted in front depending on the view angle)
  • Improved logic for picking which steam vent to spew from when initiating a toxic gas eruption
  • Hitting Q or E (rotate camera left/right) no longer caused a weird stutter when played during a camera animation; it's just ignored
  • Fixed a math bug that could sometimes cause duplicate objects or prevent removal, causing things like power platforms hanging in midair after recycling a building
  • Fixed an issue with buildings appearing as selected after upgrading them
  • Fixed bug where loading a save with an exhausted mine on top would result in an unusable resource tile
  • The Prometheus Lander's doors are present once again
  • Colonists should no longer walk into creep-infected buildings
  • Fixed a bug where the "plague infection" billboard sometimes stayed visible even after all colonists were cured
  • Fixed a bug where the selection pane could remain visible if you held SHIFT and placed buildings until you ran out of nanites
  • Fixed issue with protesters seeming to "thrash" on platforms at fast game speeds due to walking past the destination
  • Fixed a bug where drop pod beacons were getting counted in the total building count statistic
  • Fixed a rare crash bug
  • Fixed a bug with tunnels not showing health bars when loading a save where they are infected by the creep
  • Fixed bug with the tooltip not appearing when you hover the mouse over a building's progress bar
  • Fixed an issue where selecting multiple trade contracts before hitting "OK" would result in only 1 being activated
  • Fixed mesh issues when selecting or deselecting a Trade Hub
  • Fixed an issue where the Solar Panel could move slightly when you selected/deselected it
  • Fixed a bug with Water Pumps indicating an incorrect value for max water / hour during placement
  • Fixed an issue where placing a Water Pump while a farm was selected would leave the crops overlay open after the pump was placed or cancelled
  • Save games for disabled maps no longer appear in the load/save menu
  • Fixed some levitating trees in Vanaar
Thank you for being part of the Aven Colony community!

Paul Tozour & the Mothership Entertainment team

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23/04/2017 8:16 pm  

I've the game on Steam, but I can't find how to set language to Italian or to change it anyway, how do you do that?



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