Instructions for claiming your Steam key (for existing customers)  


Paul Tozour
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05/04/2017 4:34 pm  

As mentioned elsewhere, we've locked off additional sales of the game on all platforms until launch.

If you previously purchased the game on, you're eligible to claim a Steam key.

To claim your key:

  • Log in to's website ( ) using the same account that you used to purchase AvenColony.
  • Click on the account drop-down in the upper-right and click "My Purchases"
  • Select Aven Colony
  • Hit the Downloads button
  • On the Download page, press "Get Steam key"
  • The attached image shows a reference for how to do that.

This support page on may also help:

Once you've installed the game on Steam, you can find instructions here for copying over your saved game files.


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