[Sticky] Instructions for copying saved game files from to Steam  


Paul Tozour
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01/04/2017 10:35 pm  

If you're an customer and you've switched to Steam, we recommend starting with a clean slate.  However, if you'd like to copy old saved-game files over (which should work in most cases), here's how to do that:

  1. Open the App
  2. Hit "Show Local Files"
  3. Open Steam and right-click on Aven Colony and select "Properties"
  4. Select the "Local Files" tab and hit the "Show Local Files" button
  5. Copy the "AvenColony/Saved" folder from the install folder to the folder.  Make sure the "Saved" folder is directly below the "AvenColony" folder inside the Steam AvenColony folder.

See the attached infographic.

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