Bug: Repairing/Deconstructing 1 (of 10) immigration centers not possible  


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18/12/2016 2:05 pm  

I noticed this one on the newest mission. My 9th or 10th immigration center (not sure which) stayed at 60% repair despite the auto repair drone policy. I saw a drone come over and watched it hover around the building in circles, doing the repair animation, but it didn't repair. Then I set it to deconstruct, but the building wouldn't deconstruct either. 

I was at ~400 population and ~Sol 5 on the newest mission. I didn't see this issue with any other buildings. The construction hub repairing it was level 3 (unless another hub in range took the job). 

Save file attached. 

Paul Tozour
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13/01/2017 11:32 pm  

Thanks, we'll take a look.


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