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Paul Tozour
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23/08/2016 8:53 pm  

This forum is specifically for those currently on the beta to report bugs.

If you are playing Aven Colony and you experience a crash bug specifically, or if we request your Saved folder, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to your AvenColony/Saved folder inside your Aven Colony install folder (NOT the one inside the Engine folder).
  2. ZIP up that entire Saved folder.
  3. Attach it to your bug report, or, if that proves impossible, upload it to a file-sharing service such as DropBox or and send us a link to download it.

Remember, the guidelines for these forums are:

  • Stay on-topic.  The forums are for discussing Aven Colony; off-topic posts and discussions of other games will likely be deleted, especially if they do not pertain to the game.
  • Stay respectful.  Unpleasant or rude behavior will not be tolerated.  Don't say anything to another user that wouldn't be appropriate in a face-to-face social setting.  What is and is not appropriate is decided by our moderation staff and their word is final.
  • Posts about politics, other games, warez/piracy, links to anything illicit, or discussion of anything offensive is to be avoided, and such posts will be deleted.
  • We reserve the right to delete any posts or discussions at any time or revoke anyone's forum access.  This is sometimes necessary to keep the 1% of unpleasant users from ruining the experience for everyone else.

Enjoy the boards!

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