Achieving better buildings & implementing production chains (+ suggestion for batteries)  


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13/09/2016 10:58 am  

My first impression after a few hours of gameplay is, that's very fun at the beginning but gets repetitive very fast. 

·        All of the buildings are available from the beginning. All you have to do is build tier 1 and then upgrade to tier 3. There’s no real challenge in achieving better buildings as the game progresses.

·        I’m missing production chains like in planetbase. You don’t need any kinds of resources other than nanites to build buildings. It would be more challenging, especially for long time motivation, to build the first buildings with your starting materials. Then you can further process them and build better buildings and so on.


·        Batteries: They should automatically absorb energy, when there’s a surplus of energy and provide energy, when there’s not enough. Right now when you have lots of solar energy plants, you have to switch all batteries to absorb in summer and to provide in winter – that’s kind of annoying.


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