Bad Idea: Research Social Media  


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26/12/2016 4:08 pm  

We want more research, right? Why not research social media!


Then players can stream their game directly to Twitch, share colonies with friends on Facebook, tweet via the in-game browser, and colonists can send out tweets to the player via Chirpy the tweety bird.


What could possibly go wrong? 

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12/01/2017 3:44 am  

Are you actually suggesting giving the Colonists their own version of the Internet with social media?  You do realize, that unless they have a very long chain of satellites between the colony and earth (not sure how far this planet is from our homeworld), that the only internet they're gonna have access to is what's on Aven Prime and the colony ship.  Kinda limited if you ask me.  Plus, we already get feedback from the colonists just from Referendums, warnings, protests, and data taken regularly of the colony.  I think the "social media" thing for the colonists themselves would be kind of superfluous.

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