Expedition: adding food and water to ship???  


Felix Atagong
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06/04/2017 8:55 pm  

Was playing Hyla and had two expedition spots asking for water and food. However, when the ship landed, food nor water was ever loaded onto the ship, so these spots couldn't be 'helped' (despite the fact that I had plenty of those in my warehouses).


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12/04/2017 9:08 pm  

YES!!!  I was going to post something about that too!  I think it would help a lot if we could set aside resources and load them onto the expedition ships before they go to a place that needs supplies.  Seems a little silly for supplies to disappear out of the colony when the explorer ships are far away.

That was actually a feature they had in the Zeus, Poseidon, and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom games.  You often were given tasks by neighboring cities to send supplies of some kind, and you had the option of stockpiling them.  Once you had enough of the supplies in question, you could send them off and the task was done.  I think that would help out a lot in the game, if we could stockpile specific supply items, and have the option of loading them onto the expedition vessels.  The trade depots at least make some parts of this a little more streamlined, but you still have to have the supplies available to load onto the trade ship. 


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