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Paul Tozour
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23/08/2016 8:47 pm  

This forum is specifically for those currently on the beta to make suggestions and feedback regarding possible changes or new features.

The guidelines for these forums are:

  • Stay on-topic.  The forums are for discussing Aven Colony; off-topic posts and discussions of other games will likely be deleted, especially if they do not pertain to the game.
  • Stay respectful.  Unpleasant or rude behavior will not be tolerated.  Don't say anything to another user that wouldn't be appropriate in a face-to-face social setting.  What is and is not appropriate is decided by our moderation staff and their word is final.
  • Posts about politics, other games, warez/piracy, links to anything illicit, or discussion of anything offensive is to be avoided, and such posts will be deleted.
  • We reserve the right to delete any posts or discussions at any time or revoke anyone's forum access.  This is sometimes necessary to keep the 1% of unpleasant users from ruining the experience for everyone else.

Enjoy the boards!

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