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01/05/2017 7:42 pm  

I got this idea from playing the game and telling a Dutch friend about it.  I noticed, from listening to the colonists greeting each other, that they would say "hello" in both English and Spanish.  Based on the look of the colonists, I'm guessing that they are people from all over the Earth who qualified for the mission.  Therefore, they would speak many languages, but it being 500 years in the future, they're probably all wearing universal translators implanted into their brains (I so wish I had one at times). 

The idea I had was that you could have the colonists greeting one another in a multitude of languages.  It's just "hello," but how you say "hello" is different all over planet Earth.  The game could randomly pick what language the colonists use when saying "hello."  For regular, everyday talking (including that of the story characters), that depends entirely on the language the player chose to use in the game settings.

Since Aven Colony is still in Beta, I've only heard English and Spanish used, but that might just be a default thing.

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