Removing Obstacles  


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12/04/2017 9:12 pm  

I noticed there were some objects that simply cannot be removed by tunnels or building, like really large rocks, and those weird, pale orange growths with the red spots.  Is it possible that we could use lasers or construction charges (bombs, really) to remove those? 

This wasn't actually part of the main Zeus and Poseidon games, but there was a cheat called "Fireballs from Heaven," where you'd activate the cheat, and then click on a designated area.  Fireballs would rain down on that spot.  It was great for breaking up rocks on the maps :D.  Made the areas for building much larger.  They didn't have this feature in Emperor, but the rocks in that game weren't such a problem anyway.  

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13/04/2017 12:47 am  

Great idea!

Send in the booster drones or hit squad!


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