Suggestion: Some kind of transportation system  


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09/09/2016 10:52 am  

 Some of my workers complain about the commute. Right now there is no real solution for this issue except a good planned colony. But these issues are persistent even in a good structured layout. There should be an additional transport system for the colonists to travel from one point to another.

One possibility is to add a teleportation pad. Another one is to add Tier 2 tunnels which contains some kind of trolleybus or so.

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09/09/2016 2:38 pm  

Oh I like that a lot - Maybe a sort of A to B commuter bus system? You build one in each end, and then it goes back and forth express, no imtermediate stops.

That way it functions more like an intercity train than a local metro ring system (Which could potentially ruin the puzzle mechanics of distance)

Also - We get more traffic in the tunnels 😀


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