Translation of the game to Portuguese of Brazil !!!  


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10/09/2016 7:07 pm  

Dear !!

I would ask for the translation of this game for the Portuguese language of Brazil, I saw some videos on the internet and the game has an optimal proposal, but it is complex to play in English because I have little influence on the language.

I believe that thousands of Brazilians will acquire the game is to be subtitled for the Portuguese of Brazil, need not be the only dubbing subtitles.

Play various games in this style, as well as much of my country's players would not speak the name of any game not to appear abuse on my part.

Putting subtitles in Portuguese, I will be happy to release the game in all forums to participate.

Please put the subtitles in Portuguese of Brazil!

Strong hug to all

I'm sorry if there is an error in writing because I am using a Portuguese translator for English.

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