Loving it!  


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14/11/2016 2:21 am  



I'm absolutely LOVING the added features for lightning towers, plasma towers, infections, and new happiness changes (was there some behinds-the-scene tweaking?).


I spent a solid 5 hours yesterday totally absorbed in the campaign mission at Hyla's Crescent, barely managing to hold the place together on Insane difficulty. Hospitals were spread out to counter infection, lightning towers sucked up power (such a nice mechanic! No more road repair sim!), and I set up double if not triple plasma coverage of areas preferred by infection spores to shoot them down. Protesters were common in the far-flung areas (particularly when they were dying in droves from illness; next time, stay in the urban areas you hicks!), but the colony managed. I reached over 450 population before I saw the time and closed it for the night. 


Bravo, devs! Keep up the good work! 

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08/12/2016 8:23 pm  

Awesome!!!  So glad to hear that, Mark -- really appreciate it!

Yes, there was a ton of tweaking behind the scenes, for sure.

There are some big additions coming down the pipe that I think will surprise you, too  ...  stay tuned!


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