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14/04/2017 2:27 am  

 Hi, I wanted to start a new wiki on wikia (Fandom Powered by Wikia). I know there is already a wikipedia, and I have seen it, and I want to make, say, a better one. So I need your permission (or I think I do) to use related media for it. 

Will it be okay? I just created it, gave a small description, and did nothing else. I won't do anything else until I do get your permission. I hope you can reply soon enough.


Paul Tozour
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28/04/2017 11:41 pm  


I appreciate it.  You're welcome to do what you like; we're not in the business of approving or disapproving wikis.  However, the one linked to from our main page is the official one and we're giving them lost of feedback to improve it.


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