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Colonize an Alien World

The epic story of humanity's first colonization and settlement of a new world outside the solar system

  • Release date July 25 - Preorders now available!

    Release date July 25 - Preorders now available!

    Aven Colony has been released on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4!

    We’ve also now released our first free content update on PC/Steam, including Space Elevators, 8 different decoration buildings, a whole new hovercar transportation system, a new desert island map, and much more!

    Click the link for the platform of your choice below for purchase information:


    Xbox One

    PlayStation 4

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  • Colonize an Alien World

    Colonize an Alien World

    Build a new home for humanity on a world with a low-oxygen atmosphere, extreme electrical storms, shard storms, dust devils, deadly toxic gas eruptions from some of Aven Prime’s many geothermal vents, and days so long they have their own seasons.

    Explore a variety of biomes, from the lush wetlands environment to the much less habitable desert and arctic biomes.

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  • Meet the Locals

    Meet the Locals

    Encounter a variety of alien life forms, including giant sandworms, deadly plague spores, and a vicious fungal infection know as “The Creep.”

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  • Supervise Your Colonists

    Supervise Your Colonists

    Settling a new world can be stressful. As a new colony governor, you’ll need to work overtime to help your colonists deal with their situation. Experience a full colony simulation with over a dozen morale factors. Set social policies to influence the behavior of your colony, hold referendum elections to prove to your colonists that you deserve to keep the job, and give your colonists adequate jobs, health care, entertainment, food quality, policing, and much more. As you earn the respect of your colonists, you can rise in rank from Colony Governor to Expedition President.

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  • Discover the Past

    Discover the Past

    The world of Aven Prime holds many secrets. Play through a full single-player campaign and participate in a story that reveals some of the many secrets of this brave new world.

    Alternatively, you can customize any mission in sandbox mode.

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  • Build the Future

    Build the Future

    Use construction drones to build dozens of types of structures to house your colonists, grow food, store resources, manage air quality, mine ore, convert resources, perform research and manufacturing, and much more. Then, when you’re ready, enhance your existing buildings through several upgrade tiers.

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