Build 0.1.12909, September 9  


Paul Tozour
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09/09/2016 4:04 am  

Please note that there's a known bug right now with the use of the "Implode" feature on Habitats, Apartments, and other population buildings.  We're working on a fix, but in the meantime, we recommend not doing that.

New features:

-The selection pane for cargo pods now shows the icons of the resources it contains


Bug fixes:

-Stopped auto-save from happening on the tutorial maps

-Fixed scrubber drones not properly scrubbing Apartments

-Fixed issue that would cause auto-save to save too frequently after changing game options, causing slowdowns for some users

-Fixed some missing quest test in campaign-Hyla's Crescent

-Mines no longer reset their mineral deposits to 100% full after you load from a saved game

-Fixed an issue where you couldn't place a geothermal generator over a particular steam vent in Hyla's Crescent

-Fixed a rare issue with some saved games that had creep spores in the air when they were saved

-Fixed an issue with saved-game files being corrupted involving decommissioning buildings that had protesters on them

-Fixed a rare crash bug

-Tons of other tiny tweaks and fixes

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09/09/2016 8:31 pm  

How do I update my beta to the latest version?

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10/09/2016 6:39 pm  

Download the latest build from the website


or you can use the client

Wherever you go there you are


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