Build 0.1.14515, December 14  


Paul Tozour
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14/12/2016 8:25 pm  

Aven Colony build 0.1.14515 is now posted!  This update includes our new scout rover and the reintroduction of the Prometheus Lander to most of the campaign missions.

We've also finalized the scripting for the Sandy Gulch campaign mission, including the new flying medivac unit and additional voice-overs, so that this mission is now what it was always intended to be.

Installation instructions are available here.

Please stay tuned!  Some huge new features and announcements are in the works over the coming months.

Here are the full update notes:

New Features:

  • Added a new autonomous scout rover vehicle to Vanaar and Sandy Gulch (campaign only).  We will be adding this to most/all other campaign missions soon.
  • Implemented the final scripting for the Sandy Gulch mission, including the Medevac craft actually animating during the mission and new VO for Jack reacting to the sandworm over SHIPE
  • Added objectives to build Plasma Turrets to Vanaar and Hyla's Crescent and objectives to build Lightning Towers to Azara Falls and Sandy Gulch
  • Added the sandbox version of the Arido Mesa map
  • You can now see lots of ambient colonists walking around in/on the Earth History Center
  • Added the alien dragonfly to the sandbox versions of Vanaar and Hyla's Crescent

Tuning / tweaking / design changes:

  • Increased the water pumped by ALL Pumps and Condensers by 10%
  • Re-added Prometheus Landers to all the campaign missions except Tenari Glacier (replacing 1 Life Support Module in each map), now that we've fixed the bug with Landers not connecting to the colony properly.
  • Note that this makes the missions slightly easier since Landers generate 4 power

Bug fixes:

  • Louder VO's for the Earth History Center
  • Arido Mesa: fixed some shadow artifacts on the mesas
  • Arido Mesa: fixes for some issues with incorrect blocked tiles
  • Stopped the creep from spreading to buildings that are under construction
  • Fixed a bug with the new "high crime" notification sometimes pointing to an area where the crime problem had already been addressed

Thank you for being part of the Aven Colony community!

Paul Tozour & the Mothership Entertainment team

Felix Atagong
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16/12/2016 2:16 pm  

What does the rover actually do? I played Vanaar all over again, but didn't see or hear anything about it. Is it just eye candy?

Paul Tozour
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13/01/2017 11:22 pm  

Yes, it's just eye candy.

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19/01/2017 1:55 am  

Hi! Good job on the game. How's the development going? Any patches on the way? Any projection on a release time? 


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