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09/09/2016 6:46 pm  

I got to thinking about the build tooltips for farms in Aven Colony, and wanted to discuss it.

I built this farm (sorry for the bad image quality. I had some difficulty getting screenshots to work, so I to a pic of my screen with my mobile phone=:

As you can see, none of the tiles that are occupied by fields are adjacent to the farm. To be honest, if I had know that the farm would utilize those tiles, I am not sure that I would have built it there.

This got me thinking, how far away tiles can get? And how can you actually see which tiles will be occupied once you build the farm.

Now there are a few things to consider:

First of all, farms seem to occupy tiles using a best to worst priority queue. So if there is an 80% efficience tile within the farm's radius, that tile will be occupied before any 70% efficiency tiles, and so on. Also, between the time you order the farm, and the time the farm actually gets built, you might place down other structures, such as tunnels for instance.

Therefore, I would like to suggest the following:

  • When you are in farm build mode, the tiles that will be occupied should be lit green for tier 1, yellow for tier 2 and red for tier 3. This way you will know how the farm will expand unless you build other things near it.
  • If you propose to build a farm that is not attached to a tunnel, it should still be possible to view yield in the tooltip, instead of only in the small window to the upper right of the screen. This was also suggested in another thread.

Now for my next wish, which is perhaps a bit more extensive 🙂 Personally, I would like to be able to see the consequences of what I do. When building a farm, you change three things immediately:

Amount of food per hour
Amount of water per hour
Amount of power consumed

Therefore, ideally, when in farm build mode, I would like a tooltip that says:

"Changes if built here:
+5.0 food/hour (current season)
+5 Electricity used
-1.9 Water/hour

Some of these could actually be implemented for many other buildings in the game, but I used farms as an example, since they were what got me started along these lines of thought.

Cheers for a great beta 🙂

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11/09/2016 7:44 pm  

I support the idea of getting more info into all tooltips, it would help learn the game mechanics!

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Paul Tozour
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12/09/2016 6:20 pm  

Heya Hargir!

Thanks for the great suggestion.  I agree that that would be super useful info to have -- I'll see if we can prioritize that at some point soon.

Also agree 100% with SRombauts that more info on tooltips is a very good thing!


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