Suggestion: New policy for automatically charge and deploy batteries  


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09/09/2016 10:45 am  

I have a huge structure of batteries with solar panels around. Sometimes I have up to 10 batteries which I have to manually turn on or off. That's kind of annoying to do it every winter. Especially when I have more than one Solar/Battery-Rack in my colony.

My suggestion is: After the referendum there could be a policy to automatically manage the battery-states. They should absorb the engery if there is enough power and provide engery when there isn't. This policy should cost some ressources - maybe some nanites or additional workers.

Paul Tozour
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19/01/2017 8:18 pm  

Thanks, llama!  Good suggestion; we're considering something broadly similar to this.

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20/01/2017 12:07 am  

Or it could cost nothing and that's just how the batteries should operate? :/ You set a threshold and the batteries will charge or discharge appropriately. Water is similar, there's a low and high threshold but I can't figure out what that means since it just keeps producing more water regardless of what's in reserve.


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